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In addition to manufacturing hives we produce some queens and nucs for sale and are always happy to discuss your requirements and management issues. Email info@beeworthyhives.co.uk


A five frame nuc will compromise both food and brood with plenty of bees to build up into a successful colony. We will advise you how to house the bees and they will be in a non-returnable box. Collection is preferred, although we can deliver at a cost, we can realistically only deliver in a 50 mile radius. Our queens are clearly colour coded, unclipped and will have attendant bees if they are sent through the post. Printed advice will accompany the queen.


A five frame nuc £150


A marked queen (when available) £35


An over wintered queen and nuc in Spring £175


We ask for a 50% deposit on all orders of bees and the full price must be paid before delivery or upon collection. If for any reason we are unable to fulfil your order a total refund would be made.

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Kevin Tel. 07527 014 688

Kathy Tel. 07714 022 971

Email. info@beeworthyhives.co.uk


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